[Tweeters] bird finding guide for the Brownsville, and South Padre Island area

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There is likely the need for two; one for the coast and one for the LRGV. We have birded the area from Aransas NWR south to Padre and the up the river a ways. The guides are really good as there are a lot of "pocket" sites such as "go here for Upland Sandpipers" in winter" (a sod farm) or behind the library for Seedeaters. Plus the little pocket migrant trap on S Padre.

As an FYI, Texans are pretty keen on property rights so you don't trespass.

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> A friend and I are thinking of spending a week in this area, but I cannot make plans as I don't have a clue what guide includes this area. Theres one on Rio Grande, and several others, so which includes that area?

> Thank you for your help in this matter.

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