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Dave Hayden dtvhm at nwrain.com
Sat Jan 18 20:45:18 PST 2020

Sherry and I had a stellar day at Ridgefield NWR. We had a few sprinkles, but mostly low clouds and cool. All the usual waterfowl was seen with good numbers of TUNDRA SWANS. 
Seven GREAT EGRETS were seen throughout  the refuge.
There were many BALD EAGLES, both adults and juveniles.

The BLACK PHOEBE was working the slough from the hunters gate to the left, along the road. 
Also at the hunters gate, on the right, we had a COMMON YELLOWTHROAT. 
A RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was seen at two locations, most likely the same bird. First was left of the hunters gate, and the other time was just before the Kiwa Trail parking lot.
A GREAT HORNED OWL was seen around 4:00 pm. just past the Kiwa parking lot. It was calling, and in the distance another answered.
We had 3 SHORT-EARED OWLS about 4:15 pm. in the southwest corner marsh of the refuge.
Also in the southwest corner of the refuge, we had a ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK sitting on the fence post, and 66 SANDHILL CRANES.
The walk out to the bird blind we had both KINGLETS, BROWN CREEPER, and a RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER.  Eight PURPLE FINCHES were seen in the trees further up the road.
And finally, on the first part of the auto tour we had a PEREGRINE FALCON.

Dave Hayden
dtvhm AT nwrain. com
Centralia, WA

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