[Tweeters] Purple Finches to the table.

andie777 at comcast.net andie777 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 13 14:16:44 PST 2020

My sister called and she has about 25 Purple Finches at her feeders today in 27 deg snowy weather. They are mostly males. There have generally been 3-4 around the past month and one appears to be a Cassin’s. Also a Hermit Thrush is around. She has her yearly collection of 60 plus Juncos. Also 30 some California Quail. Three Varied Thrushes. And of course the Anna’s Hummers. About 5. Getting up at 5:30AM , preparing feeders with handwarmers and hanging them out is a good job for a retiree. There has been some good sales on bird seed here lately and the larder is full.

Wishing you all Good Birding !
Cleo Andreasen
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