[Tweeters] Hummingbird Behavior--keeps buzzing the windows and landing on screen

Deborah West olyclarinet at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 17:34:50 PST 2020

We hakve a female Anna’s Hummingbird which keeps buzzing up to the windows—where we have lights on. It landed on the screen of one of the windows. When I turn on the lights in our covered patio it changes its perch to the ladder we have hanging horizontally but it if run off the patio light, it goes back to back to the windows, bumping them or hanging on the screen. Anyone seen this behavior before? All I can think of to do is to turn off all the lights on that side of the house but that will make it hard to fix dinner. On the other hand, it is now 5:30 pm and should be finding a place to settle for the evening.

On top of that, about 15 minutes earlier, we had three hummingbirds at the feeder—unheard of in our yard. We very rarely have two sharing the feeder but have never had three.

Back to the female buzzing our windows. Any suggestions? Just leave the patio lights on or ?

Deborah West
olyclarinet at gmail.com

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