[Tweeters] Seeking info on spotting Pygmy owls or gyrfalcon

Emily Birchman stollea at gmail.com
Sun Jan 12 07:08:38 PST 2020

Hello all,

I really appreciate the responses I've gotten from this group in the past
with regard to strategies for spotting species that have eluded me thus
far. My birthday falls on MLK day this year and my husband and I haven't
fully settled on what we're doing yet to celebrate but it just occurred to
me that I *still* have not seen a Northern Pygmy Owl - (one of my
most-wanted species to add to my life list) or a gyrfalcon. I've seen
recent reports of gyrfalcons in the Skagit Valley area, and I have asked
for info on Pygmy owls in the Methow valley in the past but we would not be
able to go that far this time. We live in Kenmore and probably wouldn't
travel more than 1.5-2 hours in one direction.
When I asked for info on the owls in the past I was advised to go to
logging roads and try making the call, which I'm happy to try but I just
want to target a likely area before trying this approach.

Which species would be easier to target, and where would you go? The Fir
Island area seems an obvious choice for the gyrfalcon if there is still one
hanging around by next Monday, but I'm open to other suggestions too. And
for the pygmy owl, I looked at ebird but I still don't use it with any sort
of regularity so I have a hard time navigating to useful information. I was
able to see that there are some 91 sightings in Snohomish county reported
this time of year (I think I interpreted that info correctly?) so it seems
like a good time to look.

Anyway, I appreciate any advice you all have. :)

Emily Birchman
Kenmore, WA
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