[Tweeters] ADMINISTRATIVE: Adding Tweeters to your Safe Senders list

Hal Opperman UW halop at uw.edu
Sat Jan 11 12:40:19 PST 2020

Hello Tweeters Subscribers,

Junk mail (spam) filters sometimes screen out Tweeters postings and divert them to your junk mail folder rather than sending them to your inbox. This varies widely from one email client and internet service provider to another, and according to how you have configured your email preferences.

If this is happening to you and you are looking to fix it, one thing you should try is adding the mailing address of the server that is sending the messages to your email program’s Approved or Safe Sender list (also often called Whitelist). In theory, any message the Tweeters server sends to your address will not be screened out, but will go directly to your inbox. This may not be 100 percent effective, because certain messages may still be screened out if your spam protection software detects something suspicious about them.

Anyway, here are the two addresses you should add to your Safe Sender list:

tweeters-bounces at mailman11.u.washington.edu
tweeters-request at mailman11.u.washington.edu

One applies primarily for individual messages and the other for the daily digest, but there’s no harm adding them both. Will this work for you? It sometimes does, but who knows for sure? There are also other tricks you can try if you explore the options for jiggering your email settings locally.

Good Luck and Good Birding for this New Year 2020!

Hal Opperman
tweeters-owner at mailman11.u.washington.edu

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