[Tweeters] Results from 2019 5MR Challenge

Jen Sanford jjsanford at gmail.com
Fri Jan 10 10:07:06 PST 2020

Hi all,

I'm here to share the results from last year's 5MR challenge. The short
version in case you missed it is that I convinced a bunch of birders to
compete to see how many birds they could find within 5 miles of their
homes. Despite the fact that there was a completely uneven playing field
and no prizes I had a lot of takers! 16 Washington birders submitted final
results (several more did not and are not included below):

1. Ann Marie Wood (Snohomish) 218 species!
2. Matt Dufort (King) 193
3. Ryan Merrill (King) 189
4. Michael Woodruff (Spokane) 166
5. David Poortinga (Snohomish) 162
6. Jen Sanford (Clark) 156
7. Tim B (King) 155
8. Rachel Hudson (Lewis) 145
9. Lyn Topinka (Clark) 143
10. Jim Danzenbaker (Clark) 126
11. Jacob Durrent (Clark) 122
12. Barry Brugman (King) 110
13. Jeremy Schwartz (King) 109
14. Jared Strawderman (Skamania) 88
15. Wendy Walker (King) 86
16. Roniq Bartanen (King) 80

If you want to check out the final results for all participants from around
the country (plus Canada, the UK, Australia, and Bangladesh) you can visit
the challenge page on my blog and follow the link:

Though there's no official challenge for 2020 I hope everyone keeps birding
their 5MR's! It has resulted in a lot of underbirded areas finally getting
some attention and it can be more rewarding than driving long distances to
popular hotspots. Many thanks to everyone who participated!!!

Jen Sanford
Vancouver, WA
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