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Thu Jan 9 13:25:11 PST 2020

We took advantage of the brief Snoqualmie Pass window-of-good-travel, and did a quick overnight to Pasco for a few county birds to push us over our 151/county goal.

On 1/7, en route, we stopped at Prosser in Benton Co to check for American Dipper at the dam at Grant Park. No luck on the dipper, although we spied white “evidence” on the rocks below he weir. The California Scrub Jays that drew us to this small park 2 yrs. ago were the first birds we saw and heard there, but lttle of anything else, other than juncos and YR Warblers.

At the Pasco Animal Shelter pond on 1/7, the previously reported female Black Scoter remains, floating in the midst of a large flock of RN Ducks and L Scoters. The pond is loaded with waterfowl, the many Canvasbacks being a particular pleasure. But the next morning we had no luck in the bitter wind with the ebird-reported WTSP and PAWR. Also in Pasco on 1/7 at Wade Park, we located the Eurasian Wigeon, previously reported on eBird, among the many, many Am Wigeons.

On 1/8, on our way out at 1 p.m. to beat the Snoqualmie snow (which we almost did) we stopped at Leslie Grove Park in Richland, and saw several, maybe 20, male Redheads—we were too rushed to look for the more subtle females! No luck on the LaFramboise-reported Eurasian Wigeon, among hundreds and hundreds of American Wigeons spread out along the river. But those Redheads in Benton were all we needed for “the 1-5-1,” as David calls it, so home we headed!
Penny Koyama, Bothell
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