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Gary, why do you think 2030 will show as 1930, when 2020 is working ok? Do you get your annual updates from Kent Fiala/Faintlakes? He charges a token $3. If so, have you been in touch with him? If not, let me know and I’ll forward his e-mail to you.

I don’t know how much Avisys recording I’ll be doing in another 10 years, but like many others, I love this intuitive, fun to use system!
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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Dear Tweeters;

I was also hoping someone could fix this glitch with AviSys, as it is such an easy tool to use (very simple) and as Gary mentions it looks clean. If this is not done I will be looking for replacement too. I have also looked at Scythebill and this is what I am leaning towards, but that will be 5+ years down the road - until then I will continue to use AviSys as it is such a great tool..


Michael Fleming
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Dear Tweeters,

Now that the increasingly deteriorating Yahoo Mail has apparently vaporized my message to Tweeters, I will try again.

A friend told me about a listing software called Scythebill. I just tried it out. It is intriguing. One cool feature is a world map that shows you where you "need" to go birding to see the most lifers. In my case, Brazil, here I come! Croatia, not so much! Scythebill also gives you a report with all of your best "big days" in a table, with the longest day-list on top. You can also generate your personal "big month" and "big year" comparison tables. There are lots of other goodies under the "special reports" tab of Scythebill.

If the late Jerry Blinn had made his wonderful product AviSys truly Y2K compliant, I would not be writing this--but AviSys will treat the year 2030 as if it were 1930. My parents lived through that Depression--I don't want to! That's why I am starting to explore something to replace AviSys in the next nine years or so. If it were not for that one glitch, I would just keep using AviSys forever. It is so fast, simple, and friendly! Maybe some white knight will go under the hood, so to speak, and fix that on AviSys? I would buy that guy a cheeseburger!

Scythebill looks good on-screen, but I think AviSys looks cleaner and simpler. Again, I also suspect that AviSys is still the fastest way to enter birding data. That's because AviSys is set up to support typists. I believe that typing with all of one's ten digits on a QWERTY keyboard, with one's eyes on the page and one's digits set up on the "home row"--is faster than texting with two thumbs, or scrolling and mouse-clicking. I will concede that typing does appear to be a vanishing art--having tried for 29 years to get my students to type correctly, and not hunt and peck!

Scythebill does appear to support typing as well, but I am not sure if it allows one to get the data in as fast as with AviSys. Does anybody have an experienced opinion on that?

I just noticed another product out there, called Swift. It appears to offer some very nice support for photography, even photo-editing capability. Does anyone have experience with Swift, for comparison?

Yours truly,

Gary Bletsch
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