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Gary --

if someone would save Avisys I'd buy him/her well more than one sandwich!!
I've been using Avisys since the 1980s - I take notes in the field, records
at home. would love an Avisys clone for Mac software.

Chris Kessler

On Thu, Jan 9, 2020 at 10:04 AM Gary Bletsch <garybletsch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Tweeters,


> Now that the increasingly deteriorating Yahoo Mail has apparently

> vaporized my message to Tweeters, I will try again.


> A friend told me about a listing software called Scythebill. I just tried

> it out. It is intriguing. One cool feature is a world map that shows you

> where you "need" to go birding to see the most lifers. In my case, Brazil,

> here I come! Croatia, not so much! Scythebill also gives you a report with

> all of your best "big days" in a table, with the longest day-list on top.

> You can also generate your personal "big month" and "big year" comparison

> tables. There are lots of other goodies under the "special reports" tab of

> Scythebill.


> If the late Jerry Blinn had made his wonderful product AviSys truly Y2K

> compliant, I would not be writing this--but AviSys will treat the year 2030

> as if it were 1930. My parents lived through that Depression--I don't want

> to! That's why I am starting to explore something to replace AviSys in the

> next nine years or so. If it were not for that one glitch, I would just

> keep using AviSys forever. It is so fast, simple, and friendly! Maybe some

> white knight will go under the hood, so to speak, and fix that on AviSys? I

> would buy that guy a cheeseburger!


> Scythebill looks good on-screen, but I think AviSys looks cleaner and

> simpler. Again, I also suspect that AviSys is still the fastest way to

> enter birding data. That's because AviSys is set up to support typists. I

> believe that typing with all of one's ten digits on a QWERTY keyboard, with

> one's eyes on the page and one's digits set up on the "home row"--is faster

> than texting with two thumbs, or scrolling and mouse-clicking. I will

> concede that typing does appear to be a vanishing art--having tried for 29

> years to get my students to type correctly, and not hunt and peck!


> Scythebill does appear to support typing as well, but I am not sure if it

> allows one to get the data in as fast as with AviSys. Does anybody have an

> experienced opinion on that?


> I just noticed another product out there, called Swift. It appears to

> offer some very nice support for photography, even photo-editing

> capability. Does anyone have experience with Swift, for comparison?


> Yours truly,


> Gary Bletsch

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