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Hi Tweets

Like an incredible number of Washington birders, I have wonderful memories
of Ken. I was a new birder to the area and made a trip out to what was then
known as the Montlake Fill. As I walked around this other birder came up,
and started calling out birds (many of which I couldn't hear - they were too
far away). We introduced each other, and Ken said he was in the area that
day (he was still working outside of Walla Walla). We managed to track most
of the birds he heard down, and Ken extolled the virtues of many other areas
of the state.

Like Matt, I appreciated Ken's knowledge of the southeastern part of the
state. Like so many others I also appreciated his humor - even on that first
time it was evident. Ken had the ability to make the most outrageous
statements with a perfectly straight face, a serious one, until he had you
hooked. Then "Sheesh". Once you knew Ken well, you could detect a slight
twinkle in his eye when he started, but he still managed to pull you in.

Like everyone else I experienced his knowledge of the state. The first WOS
conference I went to was the 95 one in Spokane. One of our trips was to
Pend Orielle County, and as we made one turn Ken told everyone to look for
Rock Pigeons near a barn as it was one of the few spots in that part of the
state where they could be found.

Happy Birding Ken!

Brian H. Bell

Woodinville Wa

Mail to bell asoc a t iso me dia dot com

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