[Tweeters] A Nod to BigYear Achievements

Ed Newbold ednewbold1 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 5 20:45:27 PST 2020

Hi all,

Now that the dust (moist dust here on the west side) is beginning to settle on 2019, I feel it’sappropriate to list and recognize some of the BigYear achievements.


When we go out on trails and in parks with binoculars orstand behind a bank of telescopes at water’s-edge, we are telling the worldthat birds are interesting and worthy of everyone’s attention. We are doing agood thing in a world that needs to know that people care about birds.  We all do this, but the big year leaders tendto be the ones who do it the most.


Amanda Damin, (who neither Delia nor I know) was firstin North America with an astonishing 791 species seen. Congratulations Amanda!  It is wonderful to note that of the top 4 inNorth America, three appear to have been women.

Our own Jon Anderson came in 14th in NorthAmerica with 607. 

Blair Bernson gets three nods.  He came in 97th in North America, buthe’ll let you know that was only a byproduct of his real quest: to see 50 speciesin one day in 50 states in one year. He did this in 2019, squeaking by in Hawaiias I recall with a scant 51 birds seen, and also coming in a cool 2ndin Washington state with 335.

First in Washington state through most of the year and crossingthe finish-line was Paul Baerny with 336.  Congratulations Paul! 

Isaiah Nugent who I believe is representative of themany thrillingly talented young birders coming up in the state, put someexcitement in the final stretch, reminding some of us of Sea Biscuit at SantaAnita, but ending up at 332 to come in third, just ahead of Maxine Reid at4th.


I want to reserve a special congratulations for BrianPendleton who ended up 10th in Washington state with 317.  Brian is facing challenges in life that mightcompletely defeat any of us mortals but his indomitable spirit shows through inthis accomplishment. Congratulations, Brian!


I would be happy if tweeterdom was reminded of accomplishmentsthat I failed to note.


Thanks everyone, and Happy Birding in the New Year!


Ed Newbold  (and DeliaScholes) residential Beacon Hill ednewbold1 at yahoo.com


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