[Tweeters] Vandalism at Johnson-DeBay Swan Reserve

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 09:58:34 PST 2020

Hello Fellow Birders,
This is a note to say that for the past few months some person or
persons have been repeatedly vandalizing the JDSR in Skagit County off
Francis Road. It is a popular spot for birders, photographers and others
with an idea of a secluded site to spend time. There are also the teens who
hang out, the occasional garbage dumper and most recently, vandal(s).

The vandalism is primarily graffiti on the kiosk boards, carving names and
messages into the bench on the hill and in tree stumps and the kiosk board,
and placing white quartz rocks on fence post tops as well as around the
site in various patterns. As a steward of the site, I have been cleaning
this up each time I am out and WDFW staff are also removing artifacts left
behind as well as removing the white rocks. Someone has also set fire to
some debris within the parking lot.
WE NEED YOUR HELP: If you are out at the site and observe any white
rocks on fence posts or other areas in the reserve or new graffiti please
let me know ASAP. WDFW and I would like to find those responsible or at
least get them to stop.

We all want our public lands to be open so we have opportunities to get
outside and enjoy our wildlife resources.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
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