[Tweeters] Odd Pacific type loon at Saltwater State Park today.

Scuderi, Michael R CIV USARMY CENWS (USA) Michael.R.Scuderi at usace.army.mil
Tue Dec 29 20:52:47 PST 2020

Hi Tweets,

I was birding at Saltwater State Park today around 2 PM and observed a Pacific type loon about 1/2 mile offshore. It had a lot of characteristics of an Arctic loon but I could not get definitive shots. The bird had visible white sides, no chin strap, squarish head and well defined white versus black head and neck markings. So if anyone is in the area, they might want to scan the water and see if you can find it. If you are looking across to Maury Island, it was in a line SOUTH of the Lighthouse, but north of Gold Beach. I was observing from the grassy area, adjacent to the parking lot.

Good luck.

Mike Scuderi
Cotinga777 at yahoo.com
Kent, WA

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