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Sun Dec 27 18:09:59 PST 2020

Hello Tweeters,

Graham Hutchison and I set out from Camano around 2:15pm with a plan to split up at Dry Slough Road and canvass the area. The thought of using a tag team approach paid off.

While driving Dry Slough Road I noted a Bald Eagle and a dark profile of an accipiter nearby at these coordinates: 48.28766,-122.35675 (copy and paste into maps.google.com if you wish). I pulled over and then noted the bold white stripe that wrapped across the top of the crown back to where it formed a crest. I then noted the gray plumage on the back side and confirmed we had the Northern Goshawk. This was at 2:45pm.

Moments later, two other vehicles pulled over to join Graham and I. The target species stayed put for a good 10 minutes and then flew west. We suspect this may be one of several perching choices and perhaps worth a revisit

The Northern Goshawk was approximately 50 yards out and roughly 60 feet up at the very top of a what appears to be similar to a pepper tree (similar leaf structure, though I am not certain).

I’ve included two photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/revup67/

Just a word of note regarding nearby neighbors: A friendly gentleman came out of his home after 15 minutes or so and asked if all was OK. I had confirmed. He expressed the concern of robberies in the area and wished that all onlookers would pull completely and entirely off the road. Just an FYI if you visit the area.

Thanks to Kendall for finding the species and others with additional tips and ideas.

Anthony G.

Camano Island

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