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Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser jerry.n.k at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 16:17:28 PST 2020

I found the bar-tailed godwit this morning with ~150 marbled godwits at
Willapa Bay. They mostly had their heads tucked in - the bar-tailed was
easy to pick out with its white front. A rock sandpiper was among the
smaller shorebirds on a rock amid the flock. Twice when a kingfisher
rattled, they all picked up their heads and looked around, alerted. That
intrigued me -- it's not an alarm call, but the godwits paid attention.
Eventually they flew off, and it was cool to see them fly in formation.
Three semi-palmated plovers were on the mud at the boat launch. Then a
helpful couple tipped me off: phalarope at the Ilwaco airfield, in the
flooded puddles. Sure enough, I enjoyed a long good look at a red
phalarope, I'm guessing blown ashore in yesterday's weather. All topped
off with a good spicy burrito at Betzy's in South Bend on the way home.
Good birding to ya.

Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser, Seattle
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