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Sun Dec 20 20:24:37 PST 2020

Hello Tweeters!
During the annual CBC here in Olympia 4 of us happened upon an unusual find
for this side of the mountains: a ROCK WREN.

The bird is very typical for a rock wren: curved bill, grayish back, all
white belly with buffy flanks. It has a light, but distinguishable
eyestripe and is continuously bobbing. Giving great looks and occasional
vocalizations on top of very conspicuous perches. Just south of 56th Street
access to the Chehalis Western Trail in a bunch of old
farming/tires/irrigation/fencing equipment, you know, perfect rock wren
habitat. Easy views through the chain-link fence next to a large tree.

Several reports and photos available on eBird for those that use it.

Good luck!
(Matt Curtis - Olympia CBC)

"It's kind of like being drunk."
"What's so bad about being drunk?"
"You just ask the glass of water."
-Douglas Adams
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