[Tweeters] Egret and eagle

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 22:58:16 PST 2020

Saturday I drove up to the Skagit Valley to check out all the waterfowl and
other birds, including raptors in the area. I was driving on Best Rd
between the Rexville Rd and Valentine Rd area when I saw a white bird leap
up out of the ditch which was along side the agricultural field that is
just downhill of the road on the north side. It was an egret and it was
struggling to get airborne. I then noticed a bald eagle on a flight
trajectory that was soon to intersect with the egret. I did see the egret
flying to avoid the incoming eagle. I noted that the egret had a dark bill
and dark legs with yellow feet. Thus, I will conclude it was a snowy
egret. I turned my vehicle around to see if they were in the visible zone
but I did not see either of them again.
Has anyone else seen the snowy egret in this area? It was a special
moment of birding for sure.

Martha Jordan
Everett, WA
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