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Tweets – IT DIDN’T RAIN! THE WIND DIDN’T BLOW! Both of these were contrary to even this morning’s weather reports. I swear I even saw a few minutes of blue patches in the sky. Not a great day for birds, but we are only 4 days from the Winter Solstice and everybody seems a big logy now. Very little apart from the most ordinary birds.

a.. Cackling Goose – about 1500 on grass soccer fields
b.. Double-crested Cormorant – unusually active in the slough (typically seen flying or at the lake)
c.. Barn Owl – one seen from Viewing Mound around 7:30
d.. MERLIN – one flew over the Dog Area portapotties
e.. Pacific Wren – notably numerous. 6 at a minimum, maybe 7? 8? Several seen.
Misses today included Ring-billed Gull (though we only had fly-over gulls, and there could have been a RBGU amongst the large number of Mew Gulls), Cooper’s Hawk, Bushtit, Purple Finch, American Goldfinch, and Lincoln’s Sparrow.

A late scan of the lake turned up 3 COMMON MERGANSER and 3+ HORNED GREBE, which pushed our day’s list to a whopping 51 species.

Next Thursday will have one minute more of daylight than today. Happy Solstice everyone!

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