[Tweeters] Fremont Garden Birds

Carolyn Heberlein coheberlein at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 17:06:29 PST 2020

I have an amazing list of garden birds this week!

I am in the Fremont district of Seattle.
My house is an island in the midst of apartment buildings, condos, and
I have lots of native plants. I have suet feeders, hummingbird feeders,
thistle seed feeders, and a 'covered bridge' tray feeder.

Birds that I have seen this week are:
bush tits (tons of them)
pine siskins (hooray - haven't seen them in many years),
oregon juncos,
townsend warbler (love it when this one shows up)
northern flickers,
stellar jays
anna's hummingbirds (I have 5 feeders - think that I have 2 pair)

I think that I listed them all.
Kind regards dear birder friends, Carolyn
Carolyn Finder Heberlein / Nana, Fremont Neighborhood, Seattle, Washington
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