[Tweeters] Pine siskins in Ballard

Sharon Howard clmssh at comcast.net
Fri Dec 11 14:25:06 PST 2020

We have had quite a number of pine siskins in South Sunset Hill at our feeders now for past week or so. I counted 9 at one of the feeders yesterday, several of them were sitting on the seed hoop waiting for their turn at the feeder.

Daily we have two scrub jays, one of which is missing most of his/her top bill, but s/he seems to thrive. We have named him Mr. Half Bill. He has been around here or back here at least last two years. We also have 4 Stellar’s Jays daily, until a couple weeks ago we had 6, we think the other two were larger and may have been the parents as the current four are all so similar in size and color. All these jays are here every morning for raw peanuts — as are the squirrels. They all come back in early afternoon. The Stellar’s Jays are bit intimidated by the Scrub jays, and Mr. Half Bill intimidates all of the others. He will eat out of our hands, but because he has difficulty getting a peanut just right so that he can hang on to it and carry it off, we don’t try to hand feed him often. Only disadvantage that he seems to have is that he can only take one peanut at a time, whereas all the others can take 2 peanuts. One of the Stellar’s can take 3 at a time if he gets the right size. Very entertaining.

Sharon Howard
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