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Was at our daughters yesterday for a birthday lunch on her deck. She lives on Beacon Hill, very close to Jefferson Golf Course/Park. She has regular scrub jays in the surrounding conifers and yesterday was no exception. In mid-May, she even had a Blue Jay, complete with photos of it sitting on the deck railing near the feeder. Unfortunately, that turned out to be a one-day wonder. I’m waiting for the scrubs to arrive in Bothell, but so far, no luck.
Penny Koyama, Bothell

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I have a Scrub-Jay (now called “Scrubby”) that showed up in September with my son placing some nuts outside his upstairs window. It now comes daily to our windows on one side of the house and flies from window to window when we move from one room to another. It waits for us to open a window and then it flies a foot or so back and then takes a peanut from our hand when we tap it on the outside window sill. Over the last week or so it will take a peanut out of our hand when we walk out onto our deck.

The Steller’s Jays have been extremely jealous and now one of the Steller’s will also fly to the window to take a peanut from our hand. It seems to hang out more with Scrubby so that I wonder if they will mate if they are of opposite sexes. The other jays wait until we throw peanuts out for them to pick up or the ground or deck floor. The one Steller’s tries to take a peanut out of our hand when we’re standing out on the deck, but it always aborts at the last moment and flies back to the railing.

Scubby appears dominant. It will often pick up a peanut and then when it sees the Steller’s Jays getting one it will fly back and scream at them and check to see if it likes their peanut better.


Ed Swan

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