[Tweeters] contest: Guess the next 5 state birds!

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 11 05:18:39 PST 2020

hi everyone -
I wanted to ping the list to participate in a contest if interested. In the current issue of WOS News [https://wos.org/documents/wosnews/wosnews188.pdf#page=1 <https://wos.org/documents/wosnews/wosnews188.pdf#page=1> ], I’ve got a summary of the last round of this game. 31 people sent in guesses last time [late 2017-2018], predicting the next 5 birds that would be added to the official state list of birds. After adding 8 [or 7, depending on how you count] species, there were 3 winners last time: Congrats to Evie Merrill, Grace Oliver, and Brad Waggoner for correctly predicting two of the new species.

This will be the 4th time this contest has been run - once by Dennis Paulson in 1994, twice more recently by me, and now this new round.

Will a Cerulean Warble come to visit? How about a Winter Wren? Maybe the next bird will see us finally add a phylloscopus warbler to our list... or a Mississippi Kite….. too many choices!

To join in: Read the article above for details and ideas, spend some time with the state checklist and other resources to figure out what seems likely, and then make your guesses. Send a list of 5 species to me here, by mid-January. Then, in a couple years or so, we’ll see how we all did.

Looking forward to seeing what the collective wisdom of the crowd comes up to this time around.

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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