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Philip Dickinson pdickins at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 18:41:18 PST 2020

The first leucistic sparrow I remember seeing was indeed a Song Sparrow
with a white tail, several years ago in NC. I have seen a couple of others
since. I also have seen leucistic Dark-eyed Juncos. I probably have seen
more leucistic Robins than anything else, but also "Frosty," Red-tailed
Hawks, House Finches, Starlings, Goldfinches, Crows, among others.

Phil Dickinsn

Phil Dickinson

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 4:40 PM Gary Bletsch <garybletsch at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Dear Tweeters,


> Today (the tenth of December) I saw a beautiful leucistic Fox Sparrow at

> Northern State Recreation Area, near Sedro-Woolley. Most of the bird was

> snow-white, but the head was a mix of white with the normal rusty red. The

> bird was more shy than any of the other birds in the mixed sparrow flock

> with it, so I was able to snap only a few very bad, incomplete photos, as

> it lurked in the blackberry tangle.


> That was the sixth time I'd seen leucism in Fox Sparrows. By contrast, I

> have observed leucism in Song Sparrows only twice, although I have observed

> Song Sparrows about 7.5 times more frequently than Fox Sparrows. Does that

> mean that leucism is 20 times more frequent in Fox than Song? Perhaps not,

> but still!


> Later on, I saw the Bald Eagle that Marv Breece has dubbed "Frosty." This

> bird keeps staying around the Samish West Ninety.


> The best bird of the day for me, though, was a Clark's Grebe! It was at

> the Samish Island Public Beach, AKA DNR Park or Samish Island Beach Access.

> This bird was with a small flock of Red-necked Grebes, Common Loons, and

> Red-throated Loons. They all swam off to the west as I was observing the

> Clark's Grebe--too far for me to take any photos, sorry to say.


> Yours truly,


> Gary Bletsch

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