[Tweeters] Treats at Deer Lagoon

David A. Armstrong davearm at uw.edu
Thu Dec 10 17:14:06 PST 2020

A beautiful late afternoon at Deer Lagoon, Whidbey Island, as the very high
tide was ebbing rapidly. The usual many 100s of various ducks. Treats
included a short-eared owl, another 150 brant, 2 snow geese that are very
uncommon there. But off in the distance on a sandflat, mixed with dunlin
and black-bellied plovers was a lone marbled godwit. Very clear view
(spotting scope) in sharp angled sun about 3:45. I last saw them at Deer
Lagoon in Oct. eBird didn't believe me and lists them as a rare red dot and
"unreported" this time of year.
david armstrong
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