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I love that they are making their way north. My parents house in Vancouver WA is crawling with Scrub Jays, but when I was a kid there, you never saw Scrub Jays. 12 years ago, living in Columbia City, we saw them fairly regularly, and starting about five years ago, we started to see nesting pairs in the Central District. I remember, maybe three years ago, mentioning it while shopping at the bird feed store in Lake Forest Park, and the staff person corrected me, convinced that there was no way I had Scrub Jays visiting my yard. She pointed at the Stellars Jay on the bird poster behind the cash register to let me know what I had probably seen, but I insisted that my backyard visitors are Scrub Jays that just hadn't made it as far north as Lake Forest Park yet.

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> In 20 years living in Magnolia, I had never seen a Scrub Jay until last week. It was seen just north of the Magnolia Village in front of the school on 32nd.


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