[Tweeters] Everett YBSA still present today at nightfall

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Wed Dec 9 21:56:19 PST 2020

Female (juvenile?) yellow bellied sapsucker was immediately found at the location at Federal and Edwards in S. Everett at 320 pm. and photographed by my partner Jerry. I just attached a few of his photos to my e-bird report; he usually gets the shot and did so today. After an unsuccessful look around for the Harris’s Sparrow in the near neighborhood, we returned to see the sapsucker again 45 minutes later. It never left it’s favorite tree, which has been misidentified as a black locust , but is actually a Chinese elm, Ulmus parvifolia. (I’m a botanist, so these things matter to me, and I’d already figured that out from Google pics)

Certainly not a lifer—I grew up in Michigan and have seen YBSA in 6 countries—but now I’ve seen all three species in W. WA. Mini-milestone.

Had a very pleasant conversation with a young resident (in his 20’s) of the home who is very interested in their bird, and obviously has been talking to other birders—he said a vireo (assumedly HUVI) has been at the sap wells in addition to hummingbirds. We talked for several minutes, during which time I complimented him on his family’s interest and friendly demeanor—(his mom is also quite tickled apparently). He wanted us to e-mail him pictures of the bird, which we will do, and has made that request to another photographer. We talked about the elm tree, and I pointed out that one could actually harvest elm sap and make elm syrup (I had just looked this up, since these things matter to me). He lit up and told us that there used to be at least one hollow pipe in that tree’s trunk, in the section now fallen on the ground, and we instantly agreed that the previous property owner had placed spiles to harvest sap.

Humans can harvest sap from dozens of tree species; sapsuckers from dozens more. And both can figure that out in Everett.

Highly recommend Mikie’s , 4532 Evergreen Way, for fish and chips.

Mark Tomboulian, Shoreline WA

tomboulian at comcast dot net
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