[Tweeters] That Wild Little Berry

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign15 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 16:05:48 PST 2020

Out and about around Port Townsend lately I’m enjoying Wild Blackberrys.

Of course the berries are long gone, but the plant’s charms go on. For one thing they are giving us some of our finest color. Backlit by the low slanting sun rays of latest fall through to Spring they flame the brightest red.

In Spring and Summer the vines are covered with showy pure white flowers as they clamber all over the ground and forest shrubbery. The flowers are followed by the yummy berries which I’ve never had the patience or restraint needed to fill a jam jar - I just graze.

While their spines are somewhat puny (especially compared to it’s gnarly relative, the invasive Himalayan Blackberry) you can get scratched up pretty good if you fall on your face as you trip over the small but tough stems - an excellent natural snare.Just Sayin’

Jeff Gibson
Tripping through
Port Townsend WA

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