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Have had Pileateds off and on in our Edmonds neighborhood and yard during the past 11+ years. On the suet basket (no tail brace), the bird bath, and on the trunk/main branches of the apple tree (from which the feeders hang). As others observed, they take advantage of the telephone poles, as well.
Besides suet, the 2 tube feeders contain medium sunflower chips While I haven’t seen a Pileated land on those, the flickers regularly visit and are the only large bird to benefit from the one caged feeder which is supposedly only for the little birds. Those sleek heads and long, sticky tongues go right into the inner sanctum and make for an easy meal (albeit messy, much to the satisfaction of the “ground crew” foraging below).
My favorite sighting (and photo op), a year or so ago, was of a juvenile and an adult female together. The juvenile stayed on the apple tree while the adult visited the bird bath for a drink, as well. Fun yard bird indeed, and a delight to see in a suburban yard!

Dee Warnock

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Greetings everyone,

I've been filling and watching a backyard tube feeder with a no-mess nut blend for many years, and have mostly seen many typical birds, such as juncos, chickadees, finches, and flickers. Today, for the first time, a pileated woodpecker came to eat! I found it amazing and very fun. In the past, I've simply seen pileated woodpeckers in the forest or occasionally at Marymoor, and also at a long distance. This was very close by and easy to see good detail. Is this a bird others see at their feeders?

Best Regards - Bill Mowat
N Bellevue / Redmond, WA

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