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Maria Barnowl maria at mariabarnowl.com
Sun Dec 6 14:50:50 PST 2020

Thank you, Hank, for posting the location for the Snowy Owl! I am hoping someone will keep regularly posting the bird’s location.

We drove up yesterday to see it, but the owl wasn’t seen by anyone yesterday.

I have rehabilitated a lot of animals, including many species of owls, but I have never seen a wild Snowy Owl and I would love to see one and to add it to my life list.

I plan to keep checking this list so that I can take another drive up to see the owl. Location knowledge is very helpful to me and to many other people.

All of the pictures I’ve seen posted of this owl show he or she doesn’t seem bothered by people coming to look. The owl is grooming, eating, flying to rest in trees, casting pellets, has good looking plumage and seems to have found a favorite roost with plenty of territory to spend the season in.

We talked with people in Queen Anne, and the bird being there didn’t seem to be ruffling their feathers either. The observing humans are quiet and behaving respectfully. There are just a few more people going for walks there than usual.

This owl being here is a special treat for a lot of us, and since it doesn’t appear to be bothering the bird, I think it’s presence is great thing to savor and enjoy!

Maria Barnowl Kjaerulff
Gig Harbor, WA

(And yes, that’s my maiden name.)
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