[Tweeters] Great Horned Owl on Fawn Carcass

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Sat Dec 5 10:59:25 PST 2020

I've been meaning to ask for comments on this and am just getting to it.

This summer a took a road-killed fawn I saw along the road to my property
and set up two game cameras to capture our local coyotes enjoying it. But
they were spooked by the cameras and after a month, with only skin and bones
left, I took the cameras down. That night the coyotes scattered the hide and
bones all over the place and along their trail. Later I started going
through the photos - way too many photos. I captured deer avoiding then
sniffing the carcass, rabbits, cats, a rat etc. I ran out of time and set
the cards aside. Later this autumn, before deleting the files, I decided to
just randomly check more of the shots quickly and fortunately saw that I had
captured a Great Horned Owl exploring and tugging at the carcass. I didn't
know they would scavenge. Any thoughts?

A couple of photos and two short videos here:


Sego Jackson, Whidbey Island

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