[Tweeters] My first 10K (not an SEC Filing nor a foot run)

dgrainger at birdsbydave.com dgrainger at birdsbydave.com
Fri Dec 4 15:01:20 PST 2020

On April 30 of 2020, BirdsByDave.com went live for the first time.

A friend of thirty years did the Web site using Joomla, and I did the
graphics stuff plus sorted through all of the 300,000 images to pick
those that would appear on the pages. A number of those pictures were
taken by Pat, most are mine. Pat has been a super great Editorial Eye
and advisor as I have clicked the shutter, schlepped the camera gear.
Hal Singer, who bolted this together with his web skills contributed a
lot including layout suggestions. It has been a good Covid 19 lockdown
time project!

Now that it has been seven months since this lit up on screens, we are
very pleased to say that there have been a little over ten thousand
viewers that perused BirdsByDave.com!

Thanks, Pat, my wonderful wife; and thanks, Hal for all that you have

Dave Grainger

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