[Tweeters] Phantom Yard Birds

Garrett Haynes garrettwhaynes at me.com
Fri Dec 4 12:25:17 PST 2020

Hello Tweeters,

There are some common birds that I have yet to get on my yard list here in downtown Auburn, however occasionally I do hear echos of these birds. How is it possible that I am hearing their songs and yet never seeing the birds themselves?

The answer is another overly common bird of course, European Starlings! As I sit here at my desk today while working from home, I am hearing the calls of red-winged blackbirds, pine siskins, and other yet unseen yard birds, in concerto with their usual whistles, trills, clicks and clacks. Every time I hear these talented imitations I always pause and listen intently, hoping it will be the the real thing, yet alas, no luck for my yard list so far.

Does anyone else have their own experiences with these phantom yard birds?

Garrett Haynes
Auburn, WA

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