[Tweeters] Queen Anne Snowy Owl

Greg Pluth gjpluth at gmail.com
Thu Dec 3 19:50:08 PST 2020

Hey all you most illustrious Tweets -

Who among you can state most unequivocally and most definitively the sex of
the immature owl of recent Queen Anne fame? I was able to observe the
several birds at Damon Point some years back, it was easy to seperate those
with decidedly more dark feathers on the crown and forehead from those with
comparatively fewer across only the top of the crown. These latter were
considered male. And this is why I believe the Queen Anne bird to be male.

Many at Queen Anne talked more about only the dark feathering on the breast
and belly, which I concur can be further markings to consider. Maybe the
answer is that it cannot be stated with absolute sureness?

So what say thee, most illustrious of you?

Eager to hear,
Greg Pluth
University Place
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