[Tweeters] Snowy owl pellets?

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Tue Dec 1 17:19:13 PST 2020

It’s very hard to imagine a Fish and Wildlife enforcement officer writing a citation to Cub Scouts for possessing something coughed up by an owl. I have a hard time imagining a lecture to those scouts on the reasons why such a law exists and why collecting pellets and learning from the examination of their contents is harmful to Washington’s wildlife resource. Still, without a permit (and I believe they’ve somewhat recently gone from something like $12 per year to over one hundred dollars per year), possession of these pellets appears to be illegal.

Consider the exemptions built into the law and how they allow possession of naturally shed antlers and salvage of road-killed deer and elk and you’ll quickly see that it’s all about the interests that come to the table and weigh in when regulations are being created. No one spoke up, apparently, for educational uses of dead wildlife where funds for a scientific collection permit were not readily available.

Kelly McAllister


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