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I recently concluded another multi-state trip as part of my50/50/50 Adventure.  Birding was inMinnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska.  In each state I was able to find more than 50species in a single with the aid and fun company of outstanding localbirders.  In Nebraska that was withMichael Willison and Knut Hansen – familiar to many here in Washington andmissed by us all.  They say hello.

Nebraska was state #47 completed.  If all goes well the remaining three states (Kansas,Oklahoma and Arkansas) will be completed later this year.  It has been rewarding beyond any hope orexpectation.

Blog posts for each visit with many photos and commentary havebeen added to my “blairbirding” blog which can be found atblairbirding.com.  This morning I added alast post summarizing the Prairie State trips. Those interested can find the write-ups at:

Overview - https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22913

Minnesota – https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22667

North Dakota – https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22703

South Dakota – https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22738

Iowa – https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22877

Nebraska – https://wordpress.com/post/blairbirding.com/22772

We are part of a wonderful, diverse, large and givingbirding community.  All Tweeters knowthat and live that.  It is the best partof birding.

Blair Bernson

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