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Fri Sep 27 17:32:23 PDT 2019

Hi, Tweets,

This morning, the only unusual waterfowl I found at Montlake Fill was a continuing escaped mostly white Muscovy duck (down from two). Well, the eclipse male Eurasian Wigeon continues, too. Green Heron/s continue to be cooperative.

Reading about a roosting saw-whet owl, I dashed out to Discovery Park this afternoon. It took a long time and helpful directions to eventually see parts of it through the willows around Utah wetland. I may have had Evening Grosbeaks fly over, but I was so focused I didn't give them proper attention. (I haven't seen this owl in 14 years, and probably not in the county.) After I left there, I confirmed for myself that at least sometimes, robin flocks overhead can have Varied Thrushes. I saw three in three different flocks passing over the south meadow. Then I was surprised to see a kettle of vultures over the radar sphere. Eventually I counted 45, after subtracting the two Red-taileds with them. The vultures moved on south without the hawks. I don't recommend leaving home so fast you forget your wallet, but reunion was managed without incident.

27 September, 2019,

Alan Grenon

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