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Tweets – Yesterday morning was our first real fall survey for the year. The weather lived down to that; for the first 3 hours we had oppressive darkness and drizzle of various descriptions. It was remarkably difficult to see birds, especially passerines – they just wouldn’t show themselves. Things were pretty quiet as well. But we had many First Of Fall birds, and an extensive raptor show.

a.. Cackling Goose – First of Fall, and back with a vengeance. Several large (hundreds of birds) flyover flocks, and a few dozen birds that landed in the park
b.. Eurasian Collared-Dove – still seen only occasionally at Marymoor. 1 bird seen twice, we assume
c.. GREATER YELLOWLEGS – one heard calling while flying around the north end of the lake, unseen by us. First of Fall
d.. Double-crested Cormorant – two flew towards the lake – First of Fall
e.. Turkey Vulture – One flying south from East Meadow – First of Fall, and First of 2019 for the survey
f.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – Probably two individuals
g.. Cooper’s Hawk – MANY sightings, and probably three individuals, one an adult
h.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt heard one pre-dawn, just before the rain started
i.. – Four woodpecker day – No Hairy; nice looks at Red-breasted Sapsucker at the Rowing Club parking lot
j.. AMERICAN KESTREL – one flew south near east end of boardwalk – First of 2019 for the survey; though one was photographed in the park a couple of weeks ago
k.. MERLIN – dark bird flew south, apparently holding prey, from near the Pea Patch
l.. PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER – Good looks at Rowing Club; latest confirmed Fall sighting for Marymoor ever
m.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – At least one; First of Fall
n.. VARIED THRUSH – one heard in Big Cottonwood Forest; First of Fall
o.. Yellow-rumped Warbler – Over a dozen, scattered. First of Fall
No sight or sound of any Vaux’s Swift, Osprey, Swainson’s Thrush, or Yellow Warbler; probably done with those for the year.

Matt saw three DEER predawn, and heard COYOTES reply to the sirens of emergency vehicles pre-dawn. This was just the second record of Coyote this year (!)

Our only PURPLE FINCH was caught by a juvenile COOPER’S HAWK, and accidentally dropped (very dead) to the ground by the hawk.

Other misses included Hooded Merganser, American Coot, Bald Eagle, Bushtit. Marsh Wren, Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Orange-crowned Warbler.

For the day, 68 species plus the deceased Purple Finch. Not at all a bad count, given the weather.

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