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Bill Anderson billandersonbic at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 26 11:16:41 PDT 2019

I received this request from someone who knows I am often out photographing birds.   I have never heard of Canuck the crow, but I'll pass it on. 

Not sure if you know about Canuck the crow in Vancouver, BC?  He is a semi-tame wild crow that is famous on social media.  He went missing nearly 4 weeks ago (on August 30th) and it’s suspected that he may have been relocated by someone with some mental issues.  He wears a federal govt of Canada band and an orange zip tie.
There have been multiple sightings of a crow in Lynnwood with two bands, one described as white and one as red.  No one has captured a photo of this bird yet but since the area seems to be close to Edmonds, I thought I’d reach out and let you know in case you see a crow like this in your travels.
The first sighting was at the Fred Meyer store on 196th in Lynwood.  That was back on Sep 2nd.  Yesterday, a lady reported seeing the crow at Lake Forest Park.

I pointed out that the banded crow banded spotted in Lynnwood and Lake Forest Park would most likely be spending nights at the crow roost on the UW/Bothell campus. I also pointed out that with the numerous studies on crows done by Dr. John Marzluff and his students at the UW, it would not be unusual to find a banded crow in this area.   

Bill Anderson; Edmonds, WA. USA
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