[Tweeters] Japan bird guide books?

Jon. Anderson and Marty Chaney festuca at comcast.net
Tue Sep 24 09:31:53 PDT 2019

Hi Hilary, I'd recommend Mark Brazil's 2009 "Birds of East Asia: China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and Russia", published by the Princeton Field Guides. It's format is similar to the National Geo. guide, and has pretty good drawings and range maps of each species on the same page, laid out in the usual taxonomic order.

The species' descriptions each gives status and distribution, habitat and habits, and descriptions of adults and juveniles. I took the book to the Pribilofs earlier this month, and found it handy for separating things like Common vs Wilson's Snipe, the Stints, and subspecies of the White Wagtails.

Hope this helps,

- Jon. Anderson


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