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Regarding the OCWA below, I meant to say undertail coverts were pale with no evident yellow...


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>Yesterday UBNA was quite birdie so I went back today in the light rain hoping to find more warblers and other migrating passerines. Today the birds were dispersed around the area and adult and immature Cooper's hawks didn't help in locating the flock. Nonethless, there are good numbers of orange-crowned warblers (OCWA) in various colors from brighter yellow to dull green to gray-headed. One of the gray headed OCWAs had very pale vent with no color - in my very poorly lit photos - however the eye arcs are clearly visible as are the wings with no bars. Very confusing OCWA.


>Also present with another flock of OCWAs was at least one yellow warbler and a mystery warbler. Managed to see its bright yellow throat to the mid-breast and white lower breast to belly (no striping on undersides), gray head with no distinguishing marks (e.g. eye rings, supercilium etc). It disappeared into the willows by the pond. Won't even guess at its id. Interesting bird if someone can find it again.


>Back home: I have a peculiar female hummingbird that is about 3/4 the size of the Anna's male and female with a tail that looks like it was dipped in white paint - slightest white band across the tail. Also no clue - young Anna's? It's been in the yard for the past month or so and hasn't gotten bigger and the tail feathers have not changed.


>Any clues on any birds above?




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