[Tweeters] Port Angeles fall returns + Jay question

judy mullally judyemull at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 21 07:12:29 PDT 2019

I don't post often or do much eBird listing, but I thought I'd share my observations of fall returnees to my neighborhood just west of Port Angeles. Red -necked grebes led the way on 8/13. Next were the Golden-crowned sparrows 9/9. Sept 15 was active with Fox sparrow, Cackling geese, Hermit thrush and Horned grebe. 9/20 Ruby crowned kinglet, Lincoln's sparrow and a flock of ~150 cedar waxwings ( there have been some around all summer, but this was the first mass gathering). I've had a couple Pine siskens all summer so I neglected to note when the numbers began to swell, but now there are quite a few.

Separate question - I feed regularly and have a good contingent of year round birds I like to feed and watch, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for my ground feeders. As soon as I spread seeds on my deck for the towhees, Song sparrows, doves, etc, the Stellar's jays immediately come and fill their crops, go plant the seeds in my pots, yard, etc, then come back to repeat. I realize as corvids this is their instinctive nature, but does anyone have suggestions on how to moderate the pattern so I can feed the others but not go through 5 pounds of seed a day?

Judy Mullally judyemull at yahoo.com Port Angeles WA

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