[Tweeters] Lapland Longspurs at Sandy Point

Douglas Brown modernwrld53 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 12:41:04 PDT 2019


While visiting Sandy Point, Ferndale, Washington, on Wed, 9-18, I found two Lapland Longspurs.
They were foraging for seeds in the grasses near the beach. Photos can be found through the links below.
Also seen were about 25 Black Turnstones, about 20 Western Sandpipers, one Least Sandpiper, and other birds.
A juvenile Peregrine Falcon appeared and engaged in an extended chase of a BLTU. The pursuit eventually went out of sight, so I don’t know if the Falcon had a shorebird breakfast or not.

There were also two kids {12 year olds ?} on an ATV without helmets or adult supervision. They were racing around the parking area and streets nearby.
When they came motoring onto the grassy cape, I asked that they please turn around as motor vehicles were not allowed on the cape. They begrudgingly returned to the streets.
Pretty sure they may have returned to trashing the cape after I left. “Just having fun !”

Sandy Point {currently owned by a bank} should be protected.

cheers, Doug Brown, Bellingham



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