[Tweeters] UPDATE: Grebe tangled in plastic at Blakely Harbor, B.I.

Jack Clinch clinch.jack at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 22:42:02 PDT 2019

Hi there, here's an update on our Pied-billed Grebe that was in a bad spot
on Wednesday - no good news to share at the moment, unfortunately.

I stopped by this morning and evening and didn't see it. Will keep checking
and updating. If anyone sees it around (perhaps elsewhere nearby, in
freshwater?), please post it here and contact the front desk at Islandwood
(outdoor school in the neighborhood), where there are some naturalist folks
who are ready to be helpful. Fish and Wildlife is also worth a try.

An eBird report from earlier in the day on Wednesday noted the offending
material as monofilament, which I think is more accurate than my first
description. Also, the bird appeared to be in nonbreeding plumage - pretty
dark all over.

Thanks folks,

Jack Clinch
(425) 772-0452

LITTER IS DISGUSTING - especially around birds, who are wonderful.
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