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Tweets – A thick layer of pre-dawn fog started to lift before sunrise, and the day was fairly pleasant walking. The birds were pretty quiet, and there were few surprises beyond one really big one.

On our first peek into the Pea Patch, Matt noticed a >ROOSTING< COMMON NIGHTHAWK on a white PVC frame that a gardener had erected in the SW corner of the garden. Though we’ve had Common Nighthawk more than a dozen times previously, including three prior years during Week 38, this was the very first time one has been found roosting; all other sightings have been flyovers.

Other highlights:
a.. Common Merganser – one working the channel at the weir
b.. Ring-necked Pheasant – Matt heard him near the Viewing Mound just after the walk
c.. COMMON NIGHTHAWK – See above
d.. Vaux’s Swift – only one, seen while we were at the Rowing Club
e.. Virginia Rail – one heard from across the slough opposite the start of the boardwalk
f.. California Gull – 1-2 from the Lake Platform – First of Fall
g.. Green Heron – two seen together twice
h.. Osprey – still one calling incessantly from near the ballfields nest
i.. MERLIN – one eating prey on a light stand in the NE corner of the park
j.. Swainson’s Thrush – 1-2 heard pre-dawn is all
k.. American Pipit – only seen in flight, but fly-arounds included a flock of 15
l.. Fox Sparrow – 1-2 birds, First of Fall
m.. Orange-crowned Warbler – Two
n.. Yellow Warbler – 1-2
o.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – 1-2
Kazuto Shibata had a NORTHERN HARRIER on 9/17, and AMERICAN KESTREL and WESTERN MEADOWLARK in the East Meadow on the 18th, none of which we saw today.

Misses today included Hooded Merganser, American Coot, and Marsh Wren. Unsurprisingly, we had no flycatchers today, and our only swallows were Barns (though there were some WAY out on the lake we couldn’t identify).

For the day, 57 species. Adding Kazuto’s birds, that’s 60 for the week.

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