[Tweeters] Steve Juhasz contact info

Kevin Lucas vikingcove at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 15:25:42 PDT 2019

Jeff Kozma is seeking contact information for Steve Juhasz.

>From Jeff,

" He [Steve Juhasz] photographed our RBLRX male at Lower Hog Ranch (he put
N. Fork Wenas) on September 8th of this year and I'd like to send him
information on that bird. I see his ebird checklist, but no contact
e-mail. I was hoping maybe that someone on Tweeters knows him (he is from
BC, but some BC people subscribe to Tweeters).

Thank for your help,
Kevin Lucas (volunteer field assistant to Jeff)
vikingcove at gmail.com

on behalf of Jeff Kozma:
kozj at yakamafish-nsn.gov
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