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Just as a side note, as some of you know, our State Bird has been listed as the Willow Goldfinch and still in, in many encyclopedias and other reference books.. even the new ones. When I was teaching 15 years ago, the kids were learning State birds, I was surprised to see them all coloring in the 'Willow' Goldfinch. Where this becomes a very large problem, is if they wanted to look that bird up in a bird book/field guild post 1950, they would not find it. I called attention to the School as well as Office of Superintendent of Washington State.. nobody seemed to care. Even the Audubon chapters were not on board or interested. Where this is a problem I think is obvious.. we are not teaching our kids anything that will help them if they are interested in the birds. I realize that Sparrow Hawks and Marsh Hawks have changed in the years too..(as well as a host of others) but that's not a requirement to memorize in the 4th Grade 😮

Something to think about. And yes, you can look up Willow Goldfinch on line, but that is not what they are memorizing in school. Wondering if any teachers out there see anything in their encyclopedias that note a change?

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