[Tweeters] TENNESSEE WARBLER at the Montlake Fill

Constance Sidles constancesidles at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 11:17:28 PDT 2019

When: Saturday, September 14 2019, circa 10:00 am

Where: University Slough (west edge of Montlake Fill)

Seen by: Connie + two intermediate/advanced birders

Details: a TENNESSEE WARBLER was seen this Saturday
morning around 10:00 am, immediately north of the
wooden bridge where Wakhiakum Lane exits the western
boundary of the Montlake Fill.

The bird was foraging within a mixed flock of
chickadees and sparrows; the flock was flying
back-and-forth over the slough to forage in the
bushes and low trees. When last observed, the
flock was working its way slowly north (i.e.,
from the bridge toward the golf driving range).

Field marks: a warbler with an olive-grayish back;
grayish-olive crown; whitish below from chin to vent;
pale yellowish wash on flanks; whitish vent;
no wing bars; pale supercilium; dark eyestripe
through the eye.

(John Sidles posting for Connie Sidles)
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