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Thu Sep 12 14:50:46 PDT 2019

Tweets – We had a very pleasant morning at the park today. The predawn fog cleared before sunrise, and the clouds decreased all morning, leaving us in sunshine. The birds were plentiful.

a.. Mourning Dove – quick fly-by over Dog Meadow. 3rd sighting of the year
b.. Vaux’s Swift – many overhead – 25 total?
c.. Virginia Rail – one on the far side of the slough responded to clapping. First since June
d.. Wilson’s Snipe – one heard pre-dawn
e.. Ring-billed Gull – single adult on grass fields at 7:00. First of Fall
f.. Sharp-shinned Hawk – one in a birch tree, chased and chasing crows, a Pileated Woodpecker, and an Anna’s Hummingbird
g.. Cooper’s Hawk – one in East Meadow eying, and being closely watched by, the swallows
h.. Owl sp. – one emerged, banked, and disappeared back into the fog predawn. Probably Barn, but can’t rule out Short-eared
i.. – Five woodpecker day –
j.. Western Wood-Pewee – one heard from boardwalk
k.. Willow Flycatcher – one seen downstream of weir
l.. Pacific-slope Flycatcher – three
m.. Hutton’s Vireo – one at Rowing Club
n.. Violet-green Swallow – maybe 30, first after 5 week gap
o.. American Pipit – five flew over Viewing Mound before 7. Last week’s was First of Fall
p.. Golden-crowned Sparrow – maybe 4 – First of Fall
q.. Orange-crowned Warbler – 2
r.. Common Yellowthroat – still numerous
s.. AMERICAN REDSTART – one seen briefly by a few at the back, just north of the east end of the boardwalk
t.. Yellow Warbler – maybe 5
u.. Black-throated Gray Warbler – maybe 5 as well
v.. Black-headed Grosbeak – one below weir
Misses today included Hooded Merganser and Marsh Wren.

For the day, 65 species!

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