[Tweeters] Christmas Counts in Mazatlán & San Blas

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* I would love to do this count.

However, I am 76; and, even though I go to the gym everyday
for a good workout, my knees are not good going downhill.

I have birded Southern Baja, and Central American,; but, my ID
skills are very limited.

Mazatlán has been high on my ‘want to go’ for several years.
(I might spend an extra week there).

All of that said, is there someone who can help with arrangements?

Keep me posted. I could handle the tick sheets.

Serious birder,


I have been on birding counts where a few participants have been less than
able. I do not want to be one of these.

Jan Stewart

922 E. Spruce Street

Sequim, WA 98382-3518

(360) 681-2827

jstewart at olympus.net

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Hi Tweets,

It is beautiful and sunny outside, now. . . but come January you know you’ll
be looking for the sun. If you’d like a totally different Christmas Bird
Count experience, there are 3 counts near the Mazatlán area in January. And
two of these involve having lunch by the ocean with your toes in the sand
and sipping on a cerveza, while meeting some great Mexican birders.

The first is Thursday, January 2, 2020 in San Blas, MEX and run by Mark
Stackhouse. They gather the night before at La Garza Hotel and parcel out
the sections. The second is in Mazatlán on Saturday, January 4th and is run
by Rene Valdes. It typically starts in the Marina district. And the third
is on Sunday, January 5th at the Tufted Jay Preserve about 2 hours east of
Mazatlán up, up, up the Durango highway. Rene Valdes runs this count, as
well, and the group will leave early from Mazatlán on Sunday morning. It is
worth going for the Tufted Jay alone, one of the spiffiest looking Corvids

Heather and I are planning on doing all three, so feel free to contact me if
you’re interested and I’ll keep you in the loop on when and where folks are

If you’ve never birded in Mexico before, San Blas is a wonderful place to
start. It is a mostly laid back beach town, with just enough hotels,
beaches and restaurants to meet most everyone’s needs. The birding is a
great introduction to tropical birds without being to overwhelming –
Citroline Trogon, Bright-rumped Attila, Rosy Thrush-Tanager and Lesser
Ground Cuckoo to name a few. One highlight is to take an evening boat trip
to watch the the Northern Potoo slowly flying with it’s mouth agape through
the swarms of insects – an amazing sight (and amazingly for those that have
been there before, Chencho is still offering this trip after 20+ years).

One general word about traveling in Mexico during the Christmas season.
Christmas through New Years eve is when all of Mexico is on vacation and
every hotel near a beach can be filled this week. And on New Year’s Eve,
even the hotels in town’s off the beach can be filled for the big

Good birding,

Marcus Roening
Tacoma WA

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